The Community Engagement Platform

WeNeighbors partner with homeowners associations to keep their communities connected and informed, anytime.

We bring back Community Living Experiences

Keep your homeowners association community connected and informed, anytime. Our community engagement platform empowers homeowners associations to build stronger and safer communities.

Setup your own online community neighborhood. Leave the technology complexities to us.

Enhance your community living experience with our WeNeighbors platform. Get your own fully private community engagement software – on Web, iOS and Android apps.

How It Works in 4 Simple Steps


Contact us with your name, community and contact information using the contact us form


We will contact you within 1-2 business days and work with your community board to setup and onboard all your community members and residents


Pilot our platform in your community for three months with free of charge


If you’re still interested, great!! we can work out a long-term partnership

Why you need a community engagement platform

Keeping community board, members and residents connected and informed is hard, and often overlooked. Today’s families, especially dual working parents are looking for a seamless community living experience. And yet, difficulty in community engagement remains a top reason why today’s most families in planned communities are disconnected from their neighbors, community activities and  communications.

Focusing on community-centric engagement experiences that are hyper optimized to your community’s unique needs and preferences, without sacrificing privacy and security, is the key to keeping your community connected and informed.

About Us

We are a property technology (proptech) startup located in NYC region. With WeNeighbors, our mission is to bring back better community living experiences for planned communities that include single family houses, townhouses, condominiums. We do this by partnering with community builders, HOA boards, and community or property management firms.

What Problems We Solve

Community living is there for a reason such as we help each other and we got your back! Unfortunately, it is not working that way now. We solve two main problems that undermine true community living experiences:

  • Families, especially dual working parents living in planned communities are disconnected from each other, their neighbors, community activities and communications
  • Economic opportunities within planned communities are always overlooked

Why WeNeighbors?

WeNeighbors started with a clear vision: develop a community engagement platform that empowers homeowners associations to build stronger and safer communities.

What Community Members say about WeNeighbors